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History & Background

Lae school of Nursing, now Unitech Lae school of Nursing was built a European hospital in 1945 and was converted to a nursing institution in 1965. Lae school of nursing commenced training with the territorial programme and has changed to Enrolled Hospital Nurse and Nurse aid programmes, then to community health worker programme and finally in 1989 to the General Nurse Programme. The program was then up graded to Diploma level in 2003. The school of nursing has also had a Nurse Aide programme and has assisted with one year of urban experience for rural church based schools of nursing doing the Territorial Nurse Programme from 1965 to 1974.

Lae school of Nursing has graduated many nurses, 251 from the Territorial nurse programme; 140 from the Enrolled Hospital Nurse Programme, 48 from the Community Health Worker Programme and more than 1000 from the General nurse Programme and so has contributed much to health department manpower from colonial days up to the present.

Student Teacher Ratio


Job Placement


Intake per year


Diploma Graduates




The faculty of Nursing Studies believes that each nursing student is unique and has entered the faculty with the required basic knowledge, experience and desire to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to graduate as a registered nurse


The faculty of Nursing studies believes that each student has a conceptual understanding of nursing as a fundamental basis to be explored, moulded and become competent and dedicated nurses, who are going to be responsible and accountable for their actions.


The Nursing education is a process of interaction between students, lecturers, tutors and clinicians using planned learning experiences, in a supportive environment. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Learning is a continuous process and is the responsibility of the learner. Learning is enhanced through sharing experiences, reflection, recognising cultural differences and beliefs and valuing the contribution of each member of the group.


The Mission statement of Lae school of Nursing is to: “Produce academic excellence, competent, holistic caring, dedicated and empathic nurse graduates with emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention in the provision of health care in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.”

Abstract Linear Background

Dickson Itum, 2nd Year student 2022

Unitech Lae School of Nursing is in the heart of Lae City, which makes it easy for us to excess all the basic services. Importantly, it is just next to Angau General Hospital. One best thing about Unitech Lae School of Nursing is that it is not only  about  teaching and learning but also more about building a character through the strict guidelines in the Campus.



Atang Matubi, 3rd Year student 2022

Unitech Lae School of Nursing is one of the best nursing school in PNG and has produced the best nursing officers over the years. Therefore, I choose to study here to be well equip with the knowledge of nursing profession and to be competent enough to contribute back to my province and Nation as a whole. An outstanding feature of the school is that the Administration always considers the welfare of the students. 


Jemelyn Sion, 3rd Year student 2022

I really love the environment and people in it. It is so friendly and comfortable. The students, staff and ancillary staff work well together making the place comfortable for learning purpose. Also I love it more when it comes to Tuesdays and Thursdays; we have special meals. The school also teaches us about leadership and management, on how to lead and manage an organisation in future.

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