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Health Science


About the Course

Subject: Health Sciences

Code No: NS 161

Credit Value: 15

Basic Human Biology, Basic Chemistry: cells and tissues: homeostasis: Stress and adaptation. Pain and pain management: systems (relate to pathology of common disease). Reproductive system: skin and membranes: muscular/skeletal: nervous: Special sense: respiratory: endocrine: genito-urinary: immune: Introduction to history and background of microbiology: Classification of micro-organisms: normal flora: infection and immunity: immunization: Transportation and control of infection: universal precautions: Protection of Health workers and patients from HIV infection: antibiotics: action: Sensitivity: resistance and Hypersensitivity, Collection of Specimen: Laboratory techniques. Demonstration of use of microscope.

Your Instructor

Mr John Tumun

Lecturer – Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Research in Nursing, Professional Issues in Nursing

Mr John Tumun
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