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Pharmacology and Mathematics in Nursing I


About the Course

Subject: Pharmacology and Mathematics in Nursing I

Code No: NS 172

Credit value: 10

Basic mathematics-multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, percentage, tables and graphs. Metric system: - weight, volume, length revision if necessary, Drug calculation: - labels, tables, mg dose to ml/tab. mg/kg, ml/kg, amount for course, Charting:-fluid balance chart, weight, temp, pharmacology: Anti-malarial, Anti-bacterial: penicillins, anti-tuberculosis, other drugs for anaemia and Storage of medication

Your Instructor

Sr Nichola G Polis

Lecturer - Fundamental Skills for Nursing Practice, Pharmacology & Mathematics in Nursing 1, Women's Health & Care of Newborn

Sr Nichola G Polis
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