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Non-School Leaver Application Page

Lae School of Nursing is an affiliated college of the PNG University of Technology. It was established by the Australian Government under the Ministry of Health in 1964. From 1965 up to 1980, it ran several different nursing programs starting with Nurse Aid Training, and then to Enrolled Hospital Nursining, then Community Health Nursing, followed by Community Health Worker Training and then the Certificate in General Nursing. The GN certificate program was upgraded to Diploma of Nursing in 2001. The first intake for the Diploma of General Nursing was in 2002.

In 2004, the course program was transferred to PNG Unitech and the first Graduates were in 2005 after the students successfully completed three years of studies. The Diploma of General Nursing qualification was conferred by PNG University of Technology Lae.

The school is situated 30 meters away from the main town shopping Centre and 30km from the Nadzab airport (Lae) and three minutes' walks down the steps to Angau Memorial Hospital.

The campus has teaching and learning facilities which has, two storey buildings. The one located on the southern end caters for lecture and practical rooms. On the 2nd floor has three lecture rooms and the ground floor has two practical laboratory and a tutorial room. The second two storey building caters for the library, kitchen, mess, administration office and academic staff office.


Lae School of Nursing offers three (3) years Diploma in General Nursing. Tge course curriculum is based on PNG Nursing competency standards as a bench mark which a student must achieve in the following areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes. During the first two (years) of training, year one and two students are sent to urban clinics, Angau hospital and rural communities to gain clinical experience. In the third year of study, students do their clinical practices at Angau Memorial General Hospital, Lae urban clinics and for rural blocks, they are usually sent to rural health facilities in Morobe, Madang, and highlands Provinces for 8 weeks.

The academic program in a year has two semesters. The first semester begins in February and ends in June. The second semester begins in July and ends in November.


The final year students, who successfully complete training , are awarded the Diploma of Nursing which is conferred by PNG University of Technology and the graduands graduate at the PNG University of Technology campus. In 2017 we had our first graduation at Lae School of Nursing campus.


Eligibility of Applicants for the Diploma in General Nursing Program

A.  School  Leaver (SL) Applicants (possibly receiving a government scholarship) must:

  1.  Be 18 years of age and above

  2.  Indicate first preference for nursing studies at LAESON on the school leavers' application form

  3.  Have successfully completed grade 12 and scored A, B, or C grades in English , Major Math, Biology and Chemistry (highly     recommended). With a Required GPA of 2.5 and above.

  4.  Have a suitable personality and mature responsible attitude towards their future career (profession) and the community in which  they will be working in the future

B. Non School Leaver (NSL) Applicants (self-sponsorship) must have;

  1. Have completed grade 12 and doing subject upgrading at Matriculation study centers at DODI or Provincial University centers. Recommended GPA 2.3 and above.

  2. Grade 10 school leavers matriculating to grade 12 education level should gain A B C passes and recommended GPA of 3.0 or above

  3.  Valid transcript with A, B or C grades in English, Major Math's (Math's 1), Biology and Chemistry are highly recommended 

  4.  A suitable character and personality with a satisfactory recommendation from their School Principal and Leader/Pastors


C. Community Health Worker (CHW) Applicants (self-sponsorship) must have:

  1. 3-5 years of experience 

  2. Scored upper pass or "C" grades in English Mathematics and Science in year 10 school leavers

  3. Matriculated to grade 12 education level and should gain  A B or C passes and a recommended GPA should be 2.5 and above.

  4. Must speak and write good English

  5. Commitment to work and should have very good character references from immediate Supervisor, PHA or DNS for CHW Applicants

  6. Recommendation from the Provincial Health Advisors of relevant Church Health Secretaries. 

D. Bridging GN certificate to Diploma

General Nurse Certificate holders who wish to bridge to Diploma can also apply 

  1. 3-5 years of experience

  2. Scored upper pass or "C" grades in English Mathematics and Science in year ten (10) or have up-graded. (matriculated students highly desirable)

  3. Must speak and write good English 

  4. Commitment to work and should have very good character references from (immediate Supervisor, PHA or DNS.

  5. Recommendation from the Provincial Health Advisors or relevant Church Health Secretaries if NGOS.


The course fee for Non-School Leavers who are selected to study at this institution must pay the following fees.

The breakup of the course fees for self-sponsored students (NSL) are;

                                       Boarding student fees                        Day student fees 

First Year                                  K8,670.00                                          K5,900.00

Second Year                            K8,670.00                                          K5,900.00

Third Year                                K8,670.00                                          K5,900.00

PNG Government Scholarships (Hecas) for School Leavers by merit.

                               Boarding students (Student component)   +      Government Scholarship component                  Total Fees

First Year                                K5,882.00                                                           (2,788.00 paid by scholarship)                          K8,670.00

Second Year                          K5,882.00                                                            (2,788.00 paid by scholarship)                         K8,670.00

Third Year                              K5,882.00                                                             (2,788.00 paid by scholarship)                        K8,670.00

Schedule for School Fee Payment

Option One (I) To Pay the full amount of K8,670.00 in January before the date of registration every year or

Option two (2) Pay 65% (K5,635.50) in January before the date of registration every year, and the remaining 35% (K3,034.50) to be paid before commencement of Semester 2 (July) each year.

Course fee is subject to change as per the CPI Increases,

(The course fee is reviewed every year can be increased periodically at any time  due to increase cost of goods and services)

Travel Costs to and from the school are entirely the responsibility  of the sponsor for its student. (NSL &HECAS)

To Apply as a Non-School Leaver 

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